David Engels (ed.) ~ ‘Renovatio Europae’


Op voorraad (kan nabesteld worden)

Mass immigration, decline of values, gender mainstreaming, radicalisation, parallel societies, party cartels, social polarisation, debt crises – wherever one looks, Europe seems to disintegrate before our eyes; politically correct universalism has led us to the brink of disaster. It is high time for a return to those values which once were at the root of the greatness of the West, if we want to avoid the worst scenarios.

This will only be possible through a fundamental renewal of Europe on the basis of a political creed we would like to call ‘Hesperialism’: On the one hand, we need a Europe that is strong enough to protect the individual Nation State against the rise of China, the demographic explosion of Africa, the difficult relationship with Russia and the radicalisation of the Near East. But on the other hand, such a Europe will only find acceptance if it remains loyal to the historical traditions of the West instead of fighting them in the name of a chimeric multicultural universalism.

Defence of the natural family, severe regulation of immigration, return to Natural Law, protection of a socially responsible economic model, radical implementation of subsidiarity, reinvigoration of the cultural roots of our identity and renewal of our sense of beauty – these are, in short, the pillars of such a new, ‘Hesperialist’ Europe.

Authors: Chantal Delsol, David Engels, Alvino-Mario Fantini, Birgit Kelle. Zdzisław Krasnodębski, András Lánczi, Max Otte, Jonathan Price, Justyna Schulz