Alexander Zwagerman ~ ‘Why China is winning’


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Why China is Winning is an attempt to explain in simple terms how different aspects of Chinese governance, economic planning and culture have made the Beijing juggernaut so difficult to beat. Should we want to ‘beat’ China? Or will the whole world be better off when China is the dominant super power? With his extensive first-hand knowledge of China and his keen analytical mind, Alexander Zwagerman invites the reader to join a winning team, or at least consider what winning would mean for China – and the world.

Dr. Alexander J. Zwagerman (1973) is a lecturer of Intercultural Awareness at the HAN International School of Business in Arnhem, the Netherlands. Between 2009 and 2019 he taught at the College of Humanities and Information of the Changchun University of Technology in Changchun, in the northeast ofthe People’s Republic of China. He has written four books in Dutch and his writing in English has been published in The Straits Times and the Financial Times. His greatest pride is being the husband of Hong, a native of the Chinese province of Shaanxi, and the father of Arthur, who was born in Changchun.